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About Me anchor

Mini Biography

Da Genuine MILES out of Long Beach, California is a dedicated multi-skilled and talented Music Artist and serial entrepreneur that’s had a passion for music since the age of 4. As music has always ran in his family Miles likes to put it as music has always been in his blood. Not only is Miles a singer/songwriter and rapper, he also plays many other roles as a producer/engineer, music artist manager, graphic designer, cinematographer, videographer/photographer, entrepreneur of many businesses etc... In addition to that, he also plays multiple instruments, that he self-taught himself at a real young age which mainly include the electric & acoustic guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.

Genre Versatile

What sets Miles apart from many musicians in the current industry is that when it comes to what genres he does, he’s very eclectic/versatile. He can go anywhere from hip-hop/rap, soul/funk/R&B, classics/oldies, G-funk, pop then all the way to the good 'ol roots of blues and rock 'n roll. Miles also loves to infuse genres of música mexicana Latin hip-hop/rap into his music such as banda/corrido, norteño, reggaetón, chicano style and everything else in between.

The deeper meaning behind Miles’ passion for music

During the interview, Miles explained how through the years he has been going through many battles in his personal life. Miles explained how he’s never been a complainer or the type of person trying to get sympathy from his life stories because in no way is that what he wants... He’s just always kept it pushin' all his life keepin' it G... Miles’ main goal is to share parts of his life experiences/struggles and speak his mind through his music in hopes his supporters/listeners can relate/connect to, be inspired and most importantly be positively impacted in some way, and for the listeners to know whatever they goin' through they ain’t alone. He's always taken on and thugged through all the obstacles thrown at him by himself, and is not the type of person to openly vent about personal struggles nor ask for help in life due to the fact he feels everyone in life, in their own way, already has enough of their own struggles to deal with. He never wants to put his struggles/problems onto other people even if it’s just venting. Therefore, that is one of the main reasons why he has such a big passion for music as he’s able to step into the booth and let his heart bleed out on the mic, venting through his music. As Miles likes to say “Music is medicine, music is therapy.”
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